What are Shared Shells?

Shared shells allow instructors to share course components across multiple, combined courses or sections of a course. This is useful if you teach multiple sections of the same course, if your course is cross-listed, or if you teach a course with multiple lab sections. Shared shells can provide a more consistent learning experience by allowing students from all sections to see the same content. Shared shells can also help streamline an instructor’s workflow by allowing you to add and update content, and communicate with students in one location.

If you would like to share/combine shells, submit the form to Request Shared Shells.

Features of Shared Shells

  • Sort the Classlist by User in order to communicate with all students from all sections, or by Section to communicate with a specific section.
        Classless View By menuClasslist Sections
  • Sort Grades by User to see and enter grades for all students, or by Section to see and enter grades for a specific section.
    Grades View By    Grades Sections
  • Share content with all sections at once (default) or with specific sections by using Release Conditions.
    Release Conditions Sections

Shared Shell Setup Options

Instructors can utilize shared shells in one of two ways:

Option 1: Make all shared sections see the same content:
This setup would be useful in the following scenarios:

  • A cross-listed course [ANTH/CRJU/SOCI 30233 section 050]
  • A course with multiple section assignments [FINA 40153 sections 055/066].  
    • When activating the course, make sure that “course is active” is checked for the main shell, but unchecked for each section that was newly associated to the main shell. Your students in the inactive sections will only see the main active shell when they access TCU Online. All students will see the same content unless you set release conditions to share content with a specific section.

Option 2: Make all shared sections see different content but maintain a central main section for content/grades, etc.:
This setup would be useful in the following scenarios:

  • A course with a lecture and lab [BIOL 10003 015 (Lecture) and 115,116, and 117 (Labs)]. Lecture materials can be shared with all students in the main 015 section. Classlist and Grades in the 015 section can be sorted to show all users or to show a specific section. Separate lab sections can be retained for lab-specific content and potential “lab-only” grades maintained by Teaching Assistants.
    • When activating the course, make sure that “course is active” is checked for all sections. You will then build the content in each shell independently. If you want lab content to be the same among just the lab sections, you can use the Import/Export/Copy Components tool to copy content from one lab section to another.