Upload Files to Create a New Topic

Watch how to Upload a Topic


Uploading Files as Content

  1. On the nav bar click on Content.
    Content on Nav Bar
  2. Within the module you want to upload the file click on the Upload/Create button.
    upload or create
  3. Select Upload Files from the menu.
    upload files
  4. Select My Computer to upload a file from your computer.
    upload from my computer
  5. Click on the Upload button or drag and drop the file you wish to upload within the designated area.
  6. Click on the Add button.
    add file
  7. The file will upload into your module. The file type will display under the title. Click the title of the file to preview it. In the example below we have a syllabus uploaded as a Word Document and also a PDF document to show how they each display.
    Uploaded files
  8. The document will display on the page. Click the title to update it. Click enter/return on your keyboard to apply the change. Note: You should always update the title of the file so that it is descriptive within the module. Avoid having ENG10803.030sp21syll.docx as a file title that would appear in the module. Instead use “Syllabus” or “Spring 2021 Syllabus.”
    Update Document Title
  9. Below the document viewer, both instructors and students may Download or Print the document, or Open with docReader to utilize text-to-speech tools.
    Word Document Tools in Content