Access and Change Account Settings

The Account Settings link allows to customize many of your viewing options within TCU Online. Remember, the preferences you set are personal and will not impact other users. Upon selecting Account Settings from the Personal Settings drop-down menu, located by selecting your Name on the minibar, you will be taken to the Account Settings Homepage. Your preferences in TCU Online are broken up into three tabs.

We recommend that you adjust the settings available in the Account Settings tool to meet your personal needs. Here are some recommendations:

Account Settings tab

Font Settings

Use the Font Size options to adjust the appearance of text in TCU Online. The options available are Small, Medium, Large, and Huge. These changes will alter instructions and navigation bar text.

  • If you want to adjust the size of icons as well, we recommend using a zooming or magnifying tool such as the zoom feature built into most browsers.
  • Note: Font typeface cannot be changed. However, since TCU Online works through a web browser, users who may benefit from the OpenDyslexic Font can use available browser extensions if available.

HTML Editor Settings

Many screen reader and keyboard-only users select the Turn off rich text editor and view source option. This option simplifies form pages, while still allowing users to upload HTML content authored in an external editor.

Reading Content

Some tools automatically mark content as read as you scroll it into view. If you use an assistive technology such as a screen reader then you may wish to disable this feature by checking the box for Do not automatically mark items as read as the page scrolls.

Video Settings

Select the option, Optimize video presentation for programmatically-driven assistive technologies, to enable detection of embedded videos.

Locale & Language

  • Set your preferred Locale and Language. By default this is English (United States)
  • Clock – Default is 12 Hour AM/PM
  • First day of the week – Default is Sunday
  • Date format – default is m/d/yyyy
  • Number format – default is 1,234,567.890
  • Percentage format – default is -58%
  • Time Zone – You can set your preferred time zone, which will show all of your times with dates in that time zone.
    • Choose your Continent and Time Zone
  • Signing In
    • Online Status – either Appear online (when I’m logged in) or Always appear offline.

Discussions tab

Personal Display Settings

Set preference for Always show the Discussions List pane. Selecting this option will pin the Discussions List pane in the View Topic and View Thread pages. Accessibility Tip: Clear the Always show the Discussions List pane option to simplify the layout of discussion lists.

Default View (Only available for Professors)

Select either Grid View or Reading View. Grid View will display the discussion posts in the traditional Grid View, with post subjects displaying in a grid. Reading View (default) will display the discussion posts in Reading View, where the entire text of a post displays for all posts.

Reply Settings

Set preference for Include original post in reply. Accessibility Tip: Some users also Include original post in reply so they don’t have to move between discussion messages as frequently.

Subscription Settings

Set preference for When creating a new thread, subscribe to the thread by default.

Email tab

  • Set preference for Send a copy of each outgoing message to.
  • Add an email signature.

Notification Settings and User Profile

Review these steps to Edit Notification Settings and to Edit your User Profile.