Request Additional Enrollments

Courses offered through the Registrar are automatically created in TCU Online, and populated with the registered students as well as the instructor officially assigned in TCU’s Class Search. Instructors can request to have additional users manually enrolled in their course (e.g., additional Faculty, TAs, Guest Lecturers, etc.). Learn more about the Available Roles and Permissions for additional user enrollments.

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Request to Combine Your Courses

A combined course allows instructors to add and update content, and communicate with students from multiple course sections in one location rather than working in multiple courses. Courses eligible to be combined are those offered with the registrar in the same semester session. Combined Courses work best when all students need to have the same content, course activities (assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc.), and grade items. This setup is useful if you teach multiple sections of the same course, if your course is cross-listed, or if you teach a course with multiple lab sections. For more information about combining your courses, see What are Combined Courses?

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Request the Distance Learning Course Template

The Distance Learning Template is a complete set of course templates designed to provide information that is helpful to online students. It contains a robust Start Here module with pre-populated content. Additionally, the distance learning course template contains modules with placeholder fields for module outcomes/objectives, module resources (readings and videos), learning activities, and key points.

Submit this form to Request the Distance Learning Course Template if you would like us to copy the template into a Sandbox or Master course shell.

Request a Master Course or Sandbox

A Master course provides an area for content planning and development. Students are not enrolled in Master courses. For more information about Master courses, please see Working with Master Courses.

A Sandbox provides an area to try out and practice using TCU Online tools without disrupting your Master or Semester course.

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Request a Special Course

Special courses consist of courses that utilize TCU Online for special programs or other entities not listed with the Registrar (e.g. program orientations, etc.). Special courses require at least one Special Course Admin to manage the enrollment of students in the course. Directions will be sent to the Special Course Admin once the course is created.

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