Request Additional Enrollments

If you are a Professor in a course, and wish to have additional users manually enrolled in your course (e.g., additional Faculty, TAs, Guest Lecturers, etc.), please submit your request using the form below. Learn more about the Available Roles and Permissions for additional user enrollments.

Please only submit one course per form submission.  (e.g., 1 TA into two different courses each need their own course form submission)
You can request multiple people into the same course. (e.g., 2 TAs into the same course can go on a single course form submission)

Submitting multiple courses within a single submission form (e.g., 1 TA into 5 different courses through a single submission) will delay completion. 

Courses offered through the Registrar are automatically populated in TCU Online with the registered students, and the instructor officially assigned in TCU’s Class Search. Although TCU Online updates frequently, it may take up to 24 hours to reflect recent add/drops or changes made by the Registrar.

Students who are officially registered for a course with the Registrar and therefore enrolled as a Student must maintain a Student role. They cannot be promoted to a role having editing or grading permissions (i.e., TA) in the course.

If you request to enroll an additional user with permission to grade student work and access grades in a course (i.e., TAs), please see the information below.

This data is defined as student educational records or student information/data, and is protected by FERPA. Individuals with the TA role may or may not be familiar with these concepts. As the instructor of record, you should share the information linked below about FERPA so anyone enrolled in your course with access to sensitive information is aware of the law and the students’ rights under the law.