Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you cannot get the help you need. You can still get assistance from the Koehler Center Open Lab, with a new twist. We will meet with you via Zoom Meetings, and you will need to select a time slot in the booking widget below.

How does it work?

All bookings require a TWENTY-FOUR HOUR NOTICE to give us time to process your request, schedule a zoom meeting, and assign it to a staff member. Bookings are required to be one hour. Once you select a time slot below, a notification will be sent to the Koehler Center. The Koehler Center will send you a confirmation and a Zoom Meeting calendar invite email to you via your TCU email address. This invite email will include a Zoom Meeting link. You MUST accept the meeting to lock in your appointment. When the time for the meeting arrives, simply clink the link in your calendar event to connect with the Koehler Center staff member.

Where do I sign up?

Use the widget below to navigate to an open date and time on which you would like to meet. All bookings require a TWENTY-FOUR HOUR NOTICE.  Double click on the time slot to begin filling out the booking for. Click submit. That’s it!  We will handle the rest from there!