ChecklistThe Koehler Center offers a variety of ways to help make preparing your course for the start of a new semester as smooth and successful as possible.

Courses are automatically created in TCU Online when a faculty member is officially assigned to a course in TCU’s Class Search. TCU Online will continue to update as faculty are assigned to new courses through the Registrar’s office. Please note, although TCU Online updates frequently, it may take up to 24 hours to reflect recent changes made by the Registrar.

Step 1: Organize Your Courses

These links will help make the process of preparing your course more efficient and streamlined.

Step 2: Update/Build Your Course

These links will guide you through the basic procedures necessary to prepare and update course materials. The process differs slightly depending on whether you are working from a previous Semester course, a Master course, or starting from scratch.

If you accidently copy the wrong course or have duplicate content, follow these steps to Delete Course Components

Recommended Practices and Things to Consider:

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