Update Course Components

When preparing and updating course components, instructors have two options:

  1. Prepare or update components in a Master course, then copy them into the live Semester course. (Recommended) For more information about Master courses, review Working with Master Courses
  2. Copy components from a previous Semester course into a new Semester course, and then update the components in the new course.

For instructions on copying, review Copy Course Components.

Regardless of which option you choose, these recommendations will help you make sure your activities and content are ready for the next offering of the course.

Note: To ensure that all students have access to your content, refer to these accessible guidelines, tutorials, and tips. 

  • Review Assignments and update instructions, settings, and dates. Check settings for Turnitin if applicable.
  • Review Quizzes and update instructions, settings, and dates. Check settings for Lockdown Browser if applicable.
  • Review Discussions to make sure they are current. Update instructions, settings, and dates.
  • Update Groups if applicable.
  • Update other activity tools such as Checklists and Surveys if applicable.
  • Update the Course Overview with a descriptive image, or an engaging synopsis of the course.
  • Review and update course content within modules. Revise any problem areas. Replace or delete content as needed.
  • Update Announcements and add a new welcome message to introduce yourself and welcome your students. Post a picture, record a Video Note, or leave an audio clip to engage your students.
  • Update all course dates (start, due, and end dates; restrictions; release conditions; calendar dates, etc.) Note: This can be done easily by using the Manage Dates tool found in Course Admin.
  • Check to make sure all links are working within your course.
  • If you are using third party integrations or publisher content, make sure they are working.