Working with Master Courses

What are Master Courses?

In TCU Online, Master courses provide a space for developing and updating course content outside of the live Semester course. Master courses provide a space for ongoing development, and allow for making updates and revisions while preserving the integrity of previous and current Semester courses. Master courses never have students enrolled in them.

In a Master course, you can:

  • Prepare content for the next semester before the semester shell is available
  • Make ongoing revisions throughout the semester
  • Maintain a shared planning and organizational space for co-taught courses
  • Have a local location for collecting new materials and documenting your teaching

If you develop content in a Master course, you can easily copy the content into the upcoming live Semester course as soon as it’s available. If you subsequently make changes to the content in the Semester course, you can copy the most up-to-date content back into your Master course at the end of the semester.

Locating Master Courses

Master courses in TCU Online are grouped under the “Master Fall & Spring Courses” or “Master Summer Courses” tab on your My Home page. Review how to Locate & Pin Courses in TCU Online for instructions on using the View All Courses page and filter settings to quickly locate Master courses.

Courses Migrated from eCollege

If you requested course content to be migrated from eCollege to TCU Online, you will find that content in a Master course within TCU Online. Within the Master course, there is a module entitled “Faculty To Do” with a content item called “Read This Page.” On this page you will find information about your migrated content. This list includes information about migration issues, items that did not transfer, and videos to help you with common migration questions.

Request a Blank Master

If you do not have a Master course, or if you have a new course and need a space to begin developing, complete the form to Request a Blank Master Shell.