Apply a Document Template to a File in Content

Use templates when you Create a File in your course to develop a cohesive look and feel in your course content. Use of templates also provides an Accessibility-friendly experience for all students.

To streamline the process of using templates, we recommend that you first pick your preferred template design to use throughout your course. You can preview all templates in the table below. Once you decide on a specific template design for your course, following the steps to Select a Document Template Style to Use Throughout Your Course.

Note: The Accessibility Checker may alert you of contrast issues for table headers while using some templates. This is a bug with the checker. Simply click ignore if the error comes up when checking accessibility while using the templates for a table header.

To apply a template to a new file in Content:

  1. On the navbar, click Content.
    Content on Nav Bar
  2. On the Table of Contents page, from the Upload/Create button of the module you want to add a new document with an HTML template attached, click Create a File.
  3. Click Select a Document Template, and click on the template you wish to select (templates are grouped by family, and then by page type).
  4. Customize your topic according to your needs.
  5. Do one of the following:
    1. To publish your topic, click Publish.
    2. To save your topic for further edits, click Save as Draft.

Preview All Templates

Select any of the template previews below to open a new page displaying all of the template options of that style.

Daylight Templates

Daylight Templates Three Column

Geo Purple Templates

Geo Purple Templates Assignment

Purple Notebook Templates

Purple Notebook Templates Assignment

Blue Notebook Templates

Blue Notebook Templates Assignment

Black Teal Lines Templates

Black Teal Lines Templates Assignment

Brown Green Notebook Templates

Brown Green Notebook Templates Assignment

Black Bar Templates

Black Bar Template Assignment

Black Grey Lines Templates

Black Grey Lines Template Assignment

Gold Black Bar Templates

Gold Black Bar Templates Assignment

Lt Blue Rust Notebook Templates

Lt Blue Rust Notebook Templates Assignment

Navy Bar Templates

Navy Bar Templates Assignment

Blue Lines Templates

Blue Lines Templates Assignment

Teal Black Bar Templates

Teal Black Bar Templates Assignment

Orange Brown Lines Templates

Ornage Brown Lines Templates Assignment

Teal Grey On White Templates

Teal Grey On White Templates Assignment

Teal Light Blue Bar Templates

Teal Light Blue Bar Templates Assignment