Create a Video Announcement Using the Video Note Tool

Video Note allows instructors to create up to a 30 minute video in many places in TCU Online, including the Announcement tool. Videos might include updates about the class, modules, or content items, as well as feedback on activities in the course. In an online course, Video Note allows you to add a face to a name, and is a great way to create a personal connection between students and instructors.

In both online and face-to-face courses, instructors can use Video Note within the Announcements tool to welcome students to the class or introduce new material. If you create a welcome video, make sure to introduce yourself, briefly explain what you hope students will gain by experiencing your course, and any general introductory expectations you might have.

Note: The Video Note tool works best in Chrome and Firefox browsers. 

  1. From the course homepage Announcements widget, select the context menu to the right of Announcements, then select New Announcement.
    new announcement
  2. Enter a Headline for your announcement.
    write a headline
  3. In the Content area click on the Insert Stuff button on the HTML Editor toolbar.
    insert stuff on html editor
  4. Click Add Video Note.
    add video note
  5. If your browser prompts you, click Allow to use your camera and microphone.
    Allow Camera and Microphone
  6. Click on the New Recording button.
    new recording button
  7. Click on the Stop Recording button when you are finished.
    stop recording button
  8. Click the play button to review your video announcement, click New Recording to re-record, or Next to continue.
    click new recording button to re-record, or click next to continue
  9. Enter a title, description, and captioning information for your video note.
    • A description is useful to users who are unable to view the video.
    • Important – Add captions for Accessibility: First select the Audio Language and then check the box to Automatically generate captions from audio.

    add a title, description, select the audio language, and check the box for automatically generate captions from audio. Then click next.

  10. Click Next. After this step your video note saves to Video Note Search. If you have permission to search and insert video notes, you can reuse this video in the future.
  11. You can preview the video note before you insert it (If your video doesn’t initially appear, click on the Refresh Preview button.). Click Insert to continue. 
    click insert
  12. Within the content area, type any additional content you want to appear with your video note.
  13. Set Availability of your Announcement:
    1. By default, the Announcement’s start date and time will appear below the announcement headline on the course homepage. Optional: Uncheck the Show Start Date checkbox for Always show start date to hide the announcement start date. 
      check always show start date
    2. In the Start Date and End Date fields, select the dates that you want the announcement to be available.  Announcements publish immediately, unless you specify an alternate start date.  Note: Post-dated Announcements items do not display in the Announcements widget even if users have permission to see future Announcements items. They can be found within the list of Announcements items on the Announcements page.enter start date & time and end date & time
    3. Recommended: Set an End Date so only relevant announcements display. You can remove an Announcements item on a specific date by selecting the Remove Announcement based on end date check box. You and administrators can still see the Announcements item after its end date, but it will not display in the Announcements widget for your students.
  14. Click the Publish button to post your Video Announcement.
    publish button