Create a Video Announcement Using the Video Note Tool

  1. Click on the context menu on your course homepage and select New Announcement.
  2. Enter a Headline for your announcement.
  3. In the Content area click on the Insert Stuff button on the HTML Editor toolbar.
  4. Click on the Add Video Note option.
  5. Click on the New Recording button.
  6. Click on the Stop Recording button when you are finished.
  7. Review your video announcement, click New Recording to re-record, or Next to continue.
  8. Enter a Title, a Description, and select the Audio Language for your Video Announcement. Check the box to “Automatically generate captions from audio” if available and click Next to continue.
  9. Review the video announcement if desired, and click on the Insert button to continue. (If your video doesn’t initially appear, click on the Refresh Preview button.)
  10. Adjust Availability as needed.
  11. Click the Publish button to post your Video Announcement.