Activate Semester Courses

By default, course shells created in TCU Online are inactive unless the instructor chooses to activate and use the course shell. Students are not able to see inactive courses. Courses must be activated in order for students to see and have access to them. Once activated, students will have access to the course at 12:01 AM on the first day of the semester.


Note: If you requested to Share/Combine Shells, follow the steps in the email confirmation you received regarding how to activate shared shells.

  1. Select the course you want to activate from the My Courses widget. If you do not see your course listed immediately, review how to Locate & pin courses in TCU Online.
  2. On the Nav bar, click Course Admin.
    course admin
  3. Click Course Offering Information.
    Course Offering Information
  4. On the Course Offering Information page, check the box for Course is active. View a full page view of where this checkbox sits on the page.

    Course Is Active

  5. Click Save.