Edit Notifications Settings

Get the latest updates for your courses by enabling notifications. The Notifications Tool can send updates via text or email when new announcements are posted, grades are available (including the score), as well as reminder texts for upcoming assignments and quizzes and updates to course content. Set up your preferences to receive these notifications either via SMS (text) or email.

  1. Login to TCU Online using your TCU network credentials.
  2. To access the notifications tool, select the User Settings menu by selecting your name from the minibar, then click the Notifications link.  (The minibar is at the top of every page in TCU Online).
    Notifications on the Minibar
  3. Select your preferred Contact Method:
    Notifications Contact Method

    1. Change your email settings – clicking this link will allow you to change the email address destinations where you receive notifications. This will not change your system email address connected to your account.  
    2. Register your mobile phone:  Click the link to Register, then select your Country, Mobile Carrier, and then enter your Mobile Number. Click Save. A registration confirmation code will be sent to your mobile device. Enter this code in the Confirmation Code field, then click Confirm.
  4. Summary of Activity: Select how often you would like to receive an emailed summary of activity for your courses: Never, Daily, Weekly (default). If you chose daily, select a time you wish to receive this update.Notifications Summary Of Activity
  5. Instant Notifications: Choose how you wish to receive updates, as well as what activity you would like to be updated on.  Check the box for each activity you wish to receive updates for by selecting either Email or SMS.  Note: SMS means you will receive a text message on your cell phone. Carrier charges might apply to text messages you receive. Check your phone/data plan.
    Instant Notifications
  6. Customize Notifications:  Check the boxes to select your preferences for if you would like your grade to be sent in your notification and which courses can send you notifications.
    Customize Notifications
  7. Exclude Courses: Click Manage my course exclusions if you wish to exclude any courses from sending notifications to you.
    Exclude Some Courses
  8. Click Save to set your preferences.