Create a Personal Chat for a Specific Section in a Combined Course

Create personal chat for a specific section within your combined course from any course. Having a separate chat for a specific section

Personal chat rooms can only be accessed by users who have been added to the personal chat’s Participant List. When users are added, the chat room displays under Personal Chats in their list of chats.

  1. On the nav bar, click the People menu, then select Chat.
    Chat on the Nav Bar
  2. On the Chat List page, click New Chat.
    New Chat
  3. Enter a title. Since this chat is for a specific section, it is recommended to include the section number in the title. Example: Course Chat for Section 010.
    Course Chat for a Section
  4. Click Personal Chat. Making this chat a personal chat will allow you to add or remove users from its members list. You can add users from other courses to allow them to participate.
    Note: The chat type cannot be changed once you click Create.
    Personal Chat
  5. Optional: Enter a description of the chat. Give your chat a unique, descriptive name and provide a description for it using the Description field to help users distinguish the chat from other chats they are enrolled in.
    Chat Description
  6. Click Create.
    Chat Create
  7. On the Chat List page, click the context menu to the right of the personal chat you want to modify, then select View Members from the menu.
    View Members of Section Chat
  8. To add users from either the current course, click Add Members.
    Add Members to Section Chat
  9. In the pop-up window, click the View By dropdown menu and change the selection to Sections. Click Apply.
    View By Section for Chat Members
  10. In the Sections dropdown menu, select the section you want to add students from, then click Apply.
    Add Students from Sections
  11. Check the box next to the names of all of the students from the section, then click Add.
    Select students to add to chat
  12. Click Done.
    Confirm Students Added to Private Chat for Section