Email a Specific Section in a Combined Course

Composing an email for a specific section within your combined course is useful if you need to share timely information with a specific section. An example might be letting a specific section know that class is cancelled due to illness.

Note: Emails sent from within TCU Online will be delivered to the recipient’s email inbox outside of TCU Online. No mail is received within TCU Online. A copy of the email you sent will arrive into your email inbox.  

  1. On the nav bar, click the People menu, then select Classlist.
    Classlist on the nav bar
  2. Click on the Email Classlist button.
    email classlist
  3. In the View By filter, click the dropdown menu, then select Sections, then click Apply.
    Email Classlist Section filter
  4. When the view refreshes, click the dropdown menu to select the Section you wish to email, then click Apply.
    Email Classlist Section Selected
  5. The recipient list will update. Verify the list of recipients and click on the Compose Email button.
    Compose email to section
  6. Compose your message. Use the HTML editor to format text, add links, images, and embed multimedia. Learn more about how to Format HTML Course Content.
    Compose Email
  7. Optional: Set the Priority of your message. Options include Low, Normal (Default), or High priority.
    Email Priority
  8. Optional: Upload files to add to the email as an attachment, or Record Audio or Video.
    Email Attachments
  9. Click Send to send the email.
    Send Email