Format HTML Course Content

Watch how to make use of the HTML Editor

The HTML Editor integrates with all TCU Online tools that have HTML content creation capabilities. For example, the HTML Editor is available when you edit discussion topics, create custom instructions for assignment folders, create ePortfolio artifacts, and create content topics.

What are the basics of HTML Editor?

HTML Editor Toolbar basics

The HTML Editor has three options you can choose when viewing content:

HTML Editor Options

View Description
Design view The design view loads automatically when the HTML Editor is accessed. Use this view to quickly create and format content without needing any prior knowledge of HTML. Enter your content and use the available controls to apply formatting to your text, insert images and tables, and create links.
Source Editor view Click the HTML Source Editor icon to display the source editor view. This view displays the code that structures and formats your content. Use this view if you have experience with HTML and prefer to author your content in HTML, or want to apply styles from a cascading style sheet (CSS). If you have HTML-based content from another application, you can also copy and paste that code into the source editor view.
Preview Use this to display a preview of your HTML content in a new window. This allows you to preview content and ensure that it displays as expected prior to saving any changes.