Schedule a Meeting with Zoom in TCU Online

To schedule a Zoom meeting in TCU Online, complete the following steps from within the TCU Online Zoom integration.

  1. On the nav bar, click the People menu, then select Zoom.
    Zoom on Nav Bar
  2. Click on the Schedule a New Meeting button.
  3. Enter a name for the meeting in the Topic box.
  4. Enter a description for the meeting in the description box, if desired.
  5. Enter the date and starting time in the When boxes.
  6. Using the drop-downs select the duration for the meeting.
  7. Adjust the time zone if needed.
  8. Check the box if your meeting will be a recurring meeting.

    • Enter Recurrencedaily, weekly, monthly, and no fixed time.
    • Select number of repeating occurrences.
    • Select an End Date or to End After a certain number of occurrences.
  9. Check the box if you wish to require Registration.
  10. Video: Select your preference of video on or off for Host and Participants. Selecting On will automatically turn on the video upon launching Zoom for your meeting(s).
  11. Select how participants will receive audio: Telephone, Computer Audio, or Both (recommended).
  12. Check the box for additional Meeting Options:  Require meeting password, Enable join before host, Mute participants upon entry, Use Personal Meeting ID, and Enable waiting room.
  13. Enter email addresses for Alternative Hosts as necessary. This is another user (example: your co-instructor) who can launch the meeting.
  14. Click on the Save button.

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