Add New or Existing Categories

Instructors can add new or existing assignment categories when creating or editing a new assignment.

Annotation Download Options

When using annotations to provide feedback on an assignment, instructors can now download the original file without having to navigate to the submission list. Instructors can also download the annotated PDF file.

New Evaluation Experience Updates

When evaluating individual and group assignment submissions, files are grouped by submission with each submission displaying indicators to show lateness, flags, and evaluation status. Within the submission panel, a new profile card provides quick access to contact the student and view user progress or to view group members.

When evaluating an assignment submission with a rubric, rubrics now appear in the same display window. Instructors can use a draggable divider to resize the submission display panel and evaluation panel to suit their needs.


Attendance Register Management

The new More Actions menu within the Attendance Tool, allows instructors to manage the visibility of attendance registers in bulk, delete registers, and restore registers.

HTML Editor

New HTML Editor

The new HTML Editor provides updates to existing formatting and accessibility features, and it introduces new word count functionality and context menus for text, links, and image editing.


Evaluation Updates: Pending Evaluations

When evaluating assessments within the Quizzes Tool, there are new ways to view and grade attempts.

On the Grade Quiz page, a Pending Evaluation status will appear beside assessments with Written Response questions AND that are not set to be graded immediately upon completion.

Instructors can filter the Users tab by evaluation status. The available filters are: All Evaluations, Published Evaluations, Unpublished Evaluations, and Pending Evaluations.

While evaluating an attempt with unevaluated question items, the instructor can now select Pending Evaluations in the Question View drop-down menu to view only the items that require manual evaluation.

Grace Period of 0 Minutes

When setting timing options for a quiz, instructors can now set the grace period for a quiz to 0 minutes. A grace period of 0 minutes can also be set for quizzes with special access restrictions.

Inline LaTex Equations

Instructors now have the ability to render inline LaTex equations in the HTML Editor without the need to use the LaTex equation option in the Equation Editor.

Quiz Reports

The ability to set up a quiz report has moved and is now displayed to instructors in the quiz context menu.


Copy or Delete Criterion Rows and Criteria Groups

In an analytic rubric, instructors can now copy criterion rows and criteria groups as well as delete levels, criteria, and criteria groups.

Print or Export to PDF

When viewing a rubric in a pop-up window or embedded in a page, instructors have the option to print a rubric or export it to PDF.

Reorder Criteria Groups

When creating and editing an analytic rubric, instructors can reorder criteria groups.