Grant Quiz Accommodations in the Classlist

Instructors may grant student accommodations in the Classlist tool to allow students more time to complete quizzes and the ability to bypass right-click restrictions in quizzes. Accommodation settings apply to all quiz activities in a course for a student. Quiz-specific special access can overwrite an accommodation for any student on a quiz-by-quiz basis.

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Create and Edit Experience

Instructors will notice several new improvements when creating an assignment. The “Start Date” time defaults to 12:01 AM instead of 11:59 PM in the date and time picker. A new “Set to Today” option inside the date picker replaces the “Now” option outside the date picker. The ability to use arrow keys rather than the tab key assists with keyboard navigation and accessibility. The ability to “Save” your progress is now available. When copying a previous assignment, the assignment copy will be inactive and instructors will be directed to the edit screen to revise and update the assignment.

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Quizzes & Question Library

Multi-Select Question Type

The Multi-Select Question Type workflow has been updated to provide a more streamlined process for adding the question and potential answers. A new grading type, “Correct Answers, Limited Selections” is now available whereby points are evenly distributed across correct answers only. The number of selections allowed is limited to the number of correct answers. Students earn partial points for each correct answer selected.

Learn more: Create Multi-Select Questions


ReadSpeaker webReader

Instructors and students may now use ReadSpeaker webReader when viewing assignment instructions, evaluating assignments, taking or previewing a quiz, and evaluating quiz submissions. Previously, ReadSpeaker webReader was only available for use with HTML content files in the Content area.

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