Create Multi-Select Questions in the Question Library

Watch how to create a multi-select question

Multi-select (M-S) questions require respondents to identify one or more correct answers in a list of possible answers. Unlike multiple choice (MC) questions, multi-select questions enable you to choose a grading format and allow students to select more than one answer.

  1. On the nav bar, select the Activities menu, then click either Quizzes, Surveys, or Self Assessments. In the example below, we selected Quizzes.
    Quizzes on the Nav Bar
  2. From the tool navigation, click Question Library.
    Question Library from Quizzes
  3. Select New.
    Question Library New
  4. Select the question type: Multi-Select Question (M-S).
  5. In the Question Text field, enter your multi-select question. Use the HTML Editor tool bar to select the text, insert images. multimedia, or equations. A preview of the question appears in the preview pane as you begin creating the question.
    Multi Select Question Text
  6. In the Answers area, enter the answers for the multi select question. Select the correct answers.
Multi Select Question Answers

7. Optional: To add additional answers, click Add Answer.

8. If you want to allow each student to view the answer options in a random order, select the Randomize Answer Order checkbox.

Multi Select Random Answer Order

9. Set the number of points for the multi select question.

Multi Select Point Value

10. Select your grading method.

Multi Select Grading Options

There are four possible grading options for multi-select questions:

  • All or nothing – Students receive full points for the question only if they select all the correct answers and none of the incorrect answers. Students receive zero points for the entire question if they miss any correct answers or select any incorrect answers.
  • Right minus wrong – Students receive points equal to the number of right answers they choose minus the number of incorrect answers they choose. Students can receive a minimum of zero on a question; they cannot receive a negative mark.
    • To calculate how much each answer is worth, the system takes the total number of points assigned to the question and divides it by the total number of answer choices.
    • For example, if a question is worth 10 points total and has 5 answer choices, each choice is worth 2 points (10/5=2). Correct answers are worth +2 points each and incorrect answers are worth -2 points each. If the student selects 3 correct answers and 2 incorrect answers, they would receive 2 points for each correct answer and lose 2 points for each incorrect answer, resulting in a total score of 2 points for the question [3(2)+2(-2)=2].
  • Correct answers – Students receive points for each correct answer they select and for each incorrect answer they leave blank. Incorrect answers selected and correct answers left blank are not counted.
  • Correct answers, Limited selections – Students receive points for each correct answers they select. The number of selections allowed is limited to the correct answers. Students will earn partial points for each answer they select.

11. From the Options area, optionally, specify the following:

    • To add feedback for each answer, select Add Feedback. Learn about Quiz Question Feedback.
    • To add a hint to the question, select Add Hint. Learn about Quiz Question Hints.
    • To add a short description to the question, select Add Short Description.
    • To select how you want your options to be enumerated, select an option from the Add Enumeration > Enumeration drop-down list.

12. To verify your question, view the Preview on the right side of the screen.

13. Click Save and Close.