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TCU Online Platform Updates Fall 2021

Assignments Add New or Existing Categories Instructors can add new or existing assignment categories when creating or editing a new assignment. Annotation Download Options When using annotations to provide feedback on an assignment, instructors can now download the original file without having to navigate to the submission list. Instructors can also download the annotated PDF… Read more »

TCU Online Platform Updates Spring 2021

Accommodations Grant Quiz Accommodations in the Classlist Instructors may grant student accommodations in the Classlist tool to allow students more time to complete quizzes and the ability to bypass right-click restrictions in quizzes. Accommodation settings apply to all quiz activities in a course for a student. Quiz-specific special access can overwrite an accommodation for any… Read more »

Platform Updates to TCU Online from 2020

Assignments Create and edit experience The create and edit Assignments page has an updated look and feel. The classic tabbed view has been updated to a single-page layout. Copy assignment option Instructors now have the ability to copy existing assignments within a course to quickly create new similar assignments. This will copy all settings of… Read more »

Platform Updates to TCU Online from Q4 2019 (October-December)

Intelligent Agents Instructors can now add attachments and images to automated email messages sent via the Intelligent Agent tool. The attachments area allows instructors to upload local files, select from available course files, or record audio. Instructors can also insert images directly into the body of Intelligent Agent emails using the Add Image button in… Read more »

Platform Updates to TCU Online from Q3 2019 (July-September)

Assignments Edit Category Improvements An Edit Categories option is now available in the Assignments tool. This allows instructors to edit all assignment categories on a single page. Instructors can add, modify, delete, and sort categories as well as manage unused categories. If a category containing assignments is deleted, those assignments are added to the No… Read more »

Platform Updates to TCU Online from Q2 2019 (April-June)

Discussions Save Feedback in Draft State This feature provides instructors the option to save feedback on discussions in a draft state prior to publishing. When instructors add feedback as part of the discussion evaluation, the Save Draft and Publish buttons will now display. This allows instructors to publish feedback and grades once they have reviewed… Read more »

Platform Updates to TCU Online from Q1 2019 (January-March)

Assignments Assignment Grader App Updates Supporting updates to the Assignments tool, the iOS and Android versions of the Assignment Grader application now include all of the available assignment types. This allows instructors to evaluate a wider variety of assignments using tablets; this feature may be especially helpful for in-class activities. Learn more: Assignment Grader App… Read more »

Platform Updates to TCU Online from Q4 2018 (October-December)

Anonymous Grading: Hide Student Names While Grading Assignments and Quizzes To decrease unconscious bias in the grading and feedback process, instructors can now configure assignments to anonymize student names and review quiz submissions without seeing student names. When this setting is turned on for an assignment or a quiz, TCU Online will not display identifying… Read more »

Platform Updates to TCU Online from Q3 2018 (July-September)

Content Overview Print/Download from Overview Users can now download and print an uploaded document from the Overview area of the Content tool. All document types except PDF will display the Download and Print options (PDF will only display the Download button). This is especially helpful to students if you upload your syllabus to the Overview… Read more »

Platform Updates to TCU Online from Q2 (April – June 2018) + July

Assignments Submitting a Text-only Assignment to an Assignment Submission folder When instructors create a new assignment submission folder, they can opt to make this a text-only submission folder by selecting Text Submission under Submission Options. Learn more: Create Assignment Submission Folders Improvements to TurnItIn Integration Dates – Date management is automated so Start and End… Read more »