Intelligent Agents

Instructors can now add attachments and images to automated email messages sent via the Intelligent Agent tool. The attachments area allows instructors to upload local files, select from available course files, or record audio. Instructors can also insert images directly into the body of Intelligent Agent emails using the Add Image button in the HTML editor.

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Quick Eval

Instructors using the Quick Eval tool to provide feedback on quizzes will now see an icon that indicates feedback on the quiz attempt has been saved as a draft and is not yet visible to students. For all activities, the Quick Eval tool will display unevaluated student submissions for 7 days following the end date of the course. Learn more:

Release Conditions

Instructors attaching release conditions to content and activities can now feel more secure that students will see the newly released items. When students have satisfied the release condition set by the instructor, TCU Online will now display a pop-up message informing students that new items are available in the course for their review.

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TCU Online Consistency

Instructors will see consistency improvements in terminology and the location of settings in TCU Online. Hide from Users indicates visibility in Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, Surveys, Grades, and Content tools. In the Grades tool, Enter Grades is now listed in the context menu for each grade item. In Discussions, the Restrictions tab now contains Hide from Users, Availability Dates, and Locking Options. In the Quizzes tool, instructors will find Publish and Save Draft options when providing feedback on a quiz attempt.

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Virtual Classroom

Instructors using the Virtual Classroom tool for video conferencing within their course will see several changes. In April, the participant maximum will become 50 individuals per session, sessions will be limited to 60 minutes, and recordings will be available in TCU Online for 14 days. If you need to save your Virtual Classroom recording for longer than 14 days, please contact our team.

Virtual Classroom will now dynamically adjust the instructor and student connection depending on network strength. For example, an individual with limited Wi-Fi will be able to join a virtual classroom session and hear the audio, but their video will be turned off until their connection improves. Learn more: