Set Due Dates and Availability for a Quiz

Date restrictions allow you to specify a date range that the quiz is available to students. Date restrictions include start dates, due dates, and end dates.

If you haven’t already, follow the steps to Create a Quiz.

  1. On the navbar, click the Activities menu, then select Quizzes.
    Quizzes on the Nav Bar
  2. On the Manage Quizzes page, from the context menu of the quiz for which you want to set Dates and Availability, click Edit.
    Quiz Edit Quiz
  3. Click in the Due Date field to add a due date to the quiz. Then select a date from the calendar and enter the time the quiz will be due. By default the time will be 11:59 PM.  The due date specifies a time when the quiz is expected to be completed. A quiz is flagged as late if it is submitted after the due date. Options also include setting the due date to Today, Now, or to Clear the settings.
    Quiz Due Date Calendar
  4. Select the title on the Availability and Conditions panel to expand these options and set your preferences.
    Assignment Availability
  5. Start and End Dates. The start date determines when a quiz becomes available to students. The end date determines when a quiz becomes unavailable to students.
    1. To set Start and End Dates: Click in the Start or End Date fields to select a date from the calendar. Options also include setting the due date to Today, Now, or to Clear the settings.
      Assignment Start and End Dates
      Once a date is selected, the time field will appear. By default, the start time will be set as 12:01 AM and the end time will be 11:59 PM. Instructors can override by clicking in the time field and selecting a new time, or typing the time in the field and clicking enter/return on their keyboard.
      Quiz Start Time
    2. Recommended: Check the box to Add Availability Dates to Calendar. This option becomes available once a Start and/or End Date are set.
      Add Quiz Availability Dates to Calendar
    3. Click Save and Close.