Edit Category Improvements

An Edit Categories option is now available in the Assignments tool. This allows instructors to edit all assignment categories on a single page. Instructors can add, modify, delete, and sort categories as well as manage unused categories. If a category containing assignments is deleted, those assignments are added to the No Category area.

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Quick Eval

Activities View

In the new Quick Eval tool, instructors can now toggle between an activities view and a submissions view. The activities view will display a list of the activities that have items awaiting evaluation in all your courses. This view makes it easy to complete all assessments for one assignment, discussion, or quiz, before moving on to the next task. This feature helps instructors who prefer to evaluate submissions in the context of a single activity. Activities view displays indicators to show the progress on submissions, progress on evaluations, and progress on publishing feedback to learners. It also includes links to the evaluation page, submission page, and a publish all action.

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Restore quiz attempts in the Quiz Attempt Log

Instructors can now restore deleted quiz attempts for learners using the new Quiz Attempt log. The Quiz Attempt log tracks quiz attempt submissions per user, in both an overview and detailed set of logs.

The following details are available for review:

  • Attempt Started
  • Attempt Submitted
  • Attempt Deleted
  • Attempt Restored

The Restore button appears when an instructor has deleted a quiz attempt for a user. Instructors can access the attempt logs from the drop-down menu beside each quiz in the Quizzes tool and from the Grade Quiz area.

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