Save Feedback in Draft State

This feature provides instructors the option to save feedback on discussions in a draft state prior to publishing. When instructors add feedback as part of the discussion evaluation, the Save Draft and Publish buttons will now display. This allows instructors to publish feedback and grades once they have reviewed discussion contributions from all students.

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Arithmetic and Significant Figures Questions Round Up from .5

Arithmetic and Significant Figures question types in quizzes have a new behavior that rounds up to the nearest integer from .5 by default. Previously, rounding was to the nearest even integer.

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Text-to-Speech Options Help with Reading, Writing, and Proofing

ReadSpeaker is now available in TCU Online for all users. ReadSpeaker includes a suite of text-to-speech products. These learning tools create an audio version of content that students can listen to while on a page within a course or that they can download for offline listening. ReadSpeaker also provides features to assist students with reading and focusing on key areas of the page in TCU Online. The ReadSpeaker TextAid tool also provides support for writing and proofing text within TCU Online. These tools offer students another way to connect with course content, thereby supporting course outcomes and improving the student experience in your course.

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Improvements to the Rubrics tool

This update introduces a streamlined rubric creation experience that allows instructors to input criteria and performance descriptions by clicking on the applicable cell in the rubric on a single-page workflow. In the new workflow, instructors can change the rubric type and scoring method during rubric creation as well as drag-and-drop to re-order rubric criteria. Additionally, rubrics will now auto-save.

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QuickLink to Rubrics

Instructors can now create a QuickLink with the HTML editor to link directly to a rubric built in the Rubrics tool, provided the rubric in question is set to be visible to students. Linking rubrics will allow instructors to present the rubrics wherever they feel the students would want to review the rubric: with introductory material at the start of a course or module, in the directions for pieces of bigger project, or as an additional reminder in the description or directions for TCU Online activities.

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Quick Eval Tool – Coming on August 12, 2019

Quick Eval is a new tool within TCU Online for users with the Professor, Teaching Assistant, and Teaching Assistant (No Editing) roles. The tool will allow these individuals to see an aggregated list of unevaluated student submissions from all their courses. Submissions from the Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions tools are displayed in one location to improve efficiency when locating work awaiting evaluation and feedback.

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