Assignment Grader App Updates

Supporting updates to the Assignments tool, the iOS and Android versions of the Assignment Grader application now include all of the available assignment types. This allows instructors to evaluate a wider variety of assignments using tablets; this feature may be especially helpful for in-class activities.

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Turnitin – Link to e-rater ® Grammar feedback

When Turnitin is enabled, instructors can now turn on e-rater automated grammar feedback. This allows students to view e-rater grammar feedback for assignments submitted via the TCU Online Assignments tool. Once enabled by an instructor, students are provided a link to view feedback on their grammar. For assignments that allow multiple submissions, this immediate feedback can assist students with making revisions.

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Class Progress / User Progress

Default View Update for the Class Progress Tool

The system default view for the Class/User Progress now includes content completion, assignments performance, discussions participation, and login history. Instructors who prefer to view quiz performance, grades, checklist completion, or survey completion data can adjust these settings within the Class Progress tool for a specific course.

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Instructor Rubric Icon Reflects Rubric Evaluation Status

When evaluating an Assignment with a rubric associated to it, new icons display to indicate the status of the rubric. A checked rubric icon displays when a rubric has been fully scored by the instructor. An unchecked rubric icon displays when a rubric is unscored or partially scored. This provides instructors with more visual information about the status of the rubric.

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