Use e-Rater for Grammar Feedback

If TurnItIn is enabled for your submission folder, Instructors can use e-Rater grammar feedback technology to automatically check submissions to an assignment for grammar, usage, mechanics, style and spelling errors; providing in depth feedback with on paper marks. We recommend that if enabled, instructors review the e-rater feedback to ensure it meets their standards.

When TurnItIn’s OriginalityCheck, e-Rater and GradeMark are turned on:

  • When enabled, submissions viewed within GradeMark will also contain feedback marks for grammar and other writing traits.
  • Similarity matches and an e-Rater grammar check will automatically be run.
  • If an instructor does NOT add any GradeMark feedback for a student, a student will see a link  in TCU Online for View e-Rater Inline Feedback.
  • If an instructor adds GradeMark Feedback (in addition to similarity and e-rater), the link in TCU Online will instead say View GradeMark Inline feedback. Learn about how to Use GradeMark to Create Inline Feedback, Annotate, and Assign a Grade to Assignment Submissions.

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