Use GradeMark to Create Inline Feedback, Annotate, and Assign a Grade to Assignment Submissions

If TurnItIn is enabled for your submission folder, Instructors can use GradeMark functionality to add comments, insert inline text, and highlight sections in file submissions, directly in the Assignments tool.

To make GradeMark accessible to students, a grade must be assigned in the GradeMark document. Instructors can use the GradeMark grade in the TCU Online feedback area or not, depending on preference.

Watch the TCU Online GradeMark Experience

    1. On the nav bar, select the Activities menu, then click Assignments.
      Assignments on Nav Bar
    2. Find your assignment in the list, and click the assignment title.
    3. On the Assignment Submissions page, click Evaluate for the student you want to grade.
      Evaluate Submission
    4. Click the pencil icon under Turnitin GradeMark. This will open Feedback Studio in a new tab.
      Click Edit Grademark
    5. Turnitin’s Feedback Studio will open in a new window or tab in your browser. On the far right side of the window, the Blue icons are associated with the GradeMark tools. [The red icons are associated with the Similarity Matches]
      GradeMark Tools
    6. Use the GradeMark Tools to markup the document. Learn how to use these tools:
    7. Optional: Before closing the window, enter a grade in the score field.
      GradeMark Grade
    8. Close the Feedback Studio window or tab.
    9. Note that if the GradeMark score is not automatically updated in the Evaluate area or if changes to the grade are made in Feedback Studio, instructors can select the “Refresh score” icon to update the score from the GradeMark area.
      Refresh Grademark Score
    10. If you wish to use The score will update in the Evaluation panel on the right side of the Submission Evaluation page.  Modify the score if needed, add additional feedback, attach files, audio or video. Click Publish to release the grade and feedback, or click Save as Draft to save the feedback and grade, but delay release of the score to the student.

Note: The GradeMark score and feedback are saved as a default. Scores must be published by the instructor for students to be able to see the Feedback.

Once published, students will see a link called View Inline Feedback in the Assignment, Grades, and User Progress.

If Originality Reports were created and have been released to students, students then have access to the Turnitin Originality report as well as the GradeMark area via Feedback Studio after a submission(s) has finished processing.