Content Overview

Print/Download from Overview

Users can now download and print an uploaded document from the Overview area of the Content tool. All document types except PDF will display the Download and Print options (PDF will only display the Download button). This is especially helpful to students if you upload your syllabus to the Overview area.

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Groups & Discussions

Create groups and section threads in existing topics

Instructors can now associate existing discussion topics to a new group during the group creation process in the Groups tool. In addition, instructors can associate existing discussion topics to groups or sections in the Discussions tool. This feature is useful for creating groups after copying a course, or if discussion topics are created before groups or sections are present in the course.

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Differentiate between similar student names in groups

Instructors can improve their ability to differentiate between similar student names by displaying the username or TCU ID number (Org Defined Id) for group and section members. This information will appear beside the student’s name on pages where group or section members are listed. Instructors can enable this option in the Manage Groups tool by clicking the settings link within the Groups tool.

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HTML Editor

Add quicklinks to entire content modules, submodules and course overview

Users can now link directly to entire content modules, submodules, and the course overview directly from the Insert Quicklink option in the HTML editor. This change allows users to insert quicklinks directly to specific portions of course content from the HTML Editor in any course tool. Previously, the Insert Quicklink option in the HTML editor only permitted a link to individual content topics.

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Chemistry equation writing and Handwriting functions available in equation editor

Users can now write chemistry equations via the HTML Editor by selecting this function from the equation editor on the HTML Editor’s toolbar.

Users can write equations using a stylus or finger with the new handwriting function. This is beneficial for users on mobile devices who may find it challenging to access special characters or formatting. The equation editor will then render handwritten symbols and equations as text. Note that it does not enable hand-drawn graphs.

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Import/Export/Copy Components

Copy awards between courses

Instructors can now choose to include awards and their release conditions when copying components between courses. This allows instructors to reuse awards across different courses and sections in TCU Online.

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Reminder: Binder Tool Retirement

D2L has retired the Binder app that allowed users to save TCU Online content offline viewing. As previous campus communications indicated, the free Brightspace Pulse app for iOS and Android allows offline access to TCU Online course materials.

Important: If the Binder app is mentioned in your syllabus or course shell, please remove this language. You may wish to take the opportunity to compare your syllabi with our updated syllabus templates which contain the latest TCU policies.

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