Anonymous Grading: Hide Student Names While Grading Assignments and Quizzes

To decrease unconscious bias in the grading and feedback process, instructors can now configure assignments to anonymize student names and review quiz submissions without seeing student names. When this setting is turned on for an assignment or a quiz, TCU Online will not display identifying student information until the grade for the activity has been published.

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New Assignment Types

The Assignments tool now allows instructors to designate whether an item will be an on paper submission or an observed in person assignment. These new assignment types do not require students to make a file submission. Using these assignment types allows instructors to create TCU Online assignments for a wide variety of activities, associate rubrics, add this assignment information to content modules, and provide evaluation and feedback via the Assignments tool.

Change Assignment & Submission Type

If no student submissions have been made for an assignment, instructors can change the assignment type (individual or group) and submission type. This allows instructors to adjust the assignment without creating a new assignment.

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Updated Evaluation Experience & Accessing Inline Marking (GradeMark)

The Evaluate Submission page has new features. To download a submission, instructors can now click on the submission’s file name. Additionally, the Markup Document link has been replaced by a Launch Turnitin link for assignments that use any Turnitin tools (Originality Check or GradeMark).

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Course Homepages

Edit the Text on the Course Homepage Banner Image

Instructors can change the text on the course homepage banner image. This text currently displays the course title. This update allows instructors to set this text to a custom value, such as “Hello {FirstName}” or a short phrase related to course content. The course title will remain visible throughout TCU Online; this option only impacts visible text which overlays the course banner image within the course.

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My Courses widget

Visual Updates to My Courses Widget Course Tiles

Changes to the My Courses widget on the My Home page:

  • New status badge indicates Inactive and Closed states for courses
  • Course notifications are sorted by tool. When a user hovers on the notification icons, a tooltip provides more information.

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Add Initial Text to Written Response Questions

Within the Quizzes tool, instructors can add initial text to Written Response questions. This allows instructors to provide reminders, sample phrases, or formulas. This text will remain once a student begins writing, allowing instructors to set up more complex calculation or equation fields to be filled in by students.

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Improvements to the Rubrics Grading Experience in Assignments & Discussions

Changes to the grading workflow and rubrics visibility for assessed rubrics in the Discussions and Assignments tools.

New rubrics features include:

  • A grading pop-up window that displays all rubrics attached to the discussion, a field to enter Overall Feedback, and posts that the student has made.
  • All rubric assessments and feedback fields for discussions and grade items now automatically save in a draft state while the instructor is evaluating. Rubrics in a draft state are not visible to students until the instructor selects Save & Publish.
  • Instructors can choose to publish feedback to all students or publish feedback only for selected students.
  • Instructors have more control over retracting feedback and editing feedback without retraction.
  • Instructors can use the Overall Score area to indicate an achievement level separate from the automatically calculated Total Score sent to the Grades tool.

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