Customize Homepage Banner Text

By default, course homepage banners display the course title. Instructors can customize the text that displays within their course homepage banner, however these changes will only display within the course, and not on the My Courses widget on My Home.

The title can be set to display:

  • The Org Unit Name (course title). This is the default setting.
  • A custom value, such as Hello, {FirstName}! Or Welcome to Biology 10153!
  • The title can also be deleted to display no title.

Follow the steps below to customize your homepage banner text.

  1. From your course homepage, click the actions menu on the top right of your homepage banner, then select Customize Banner Text.
    Customize Banner Text
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select the default option, Org Unit Name, to display the course title.
    • Select the Custom option: type the desired text. Replace Strings can be used to customize the text. {FirstName} is an example of a replace string.
    • Select None: This will remove the text from your homepage banner.
      Customize Banner Text Options
  3. Click Save. Your updated banner text will display on the course homepage.