Blind Marking a Quiz

What is Blind Marking?

This will give instructors (or TAs with grading access) the ability to read and assign grades to quiz submissions without knowing which student submitted which submission until after publishing the grades to the Grades tool. Some instructors use this feature to make their grading more objective and consistent by decreasing unconscious bias or favoritism when grading.

Students take and submit the quiz just as they would for any other type of quiz. There is no workflow or difference to students when using the Blind Marking option.

Important note and consideration:

Student name visibility on Users tab: In order to avoid identifying user submissions before finishing grading, Instructors should not click on students’ attempts found in the Users tab. Instead, Instructors should follow the steps provided below to complete grading and giving feedback, and then they can use the Users tab to identify students if necessary.

How to Blind Mark a Quiz

  1. On the nav bar, click the Activities menu, then select Quizzes.
    Quizzes on the Nav Bar
  2. On the Quizzes page, click the context menu of the quiz in which you want to blind mark, then select Grade.
    Blind Mark Quiz Grade
  3. Click on the Questions tab.
    Grade Quiz Question tab
  4. Click the box for Blind Marking. Then select the question title of the question you would like to grade. Blind Marking is available for all question types, including Written Response, Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank, and more.
    check blind marking
  5. To grade a question, select the question title.
    Blind Marking Select Question
  6. Questions can be graded one student at a time or multiple students/all students on one page, with the system displaying Attempt # where the student’s name would usually be found.
    • To grade a question one student at a time, select the attempt number at the top of the page to switch between students or select the right & left arrows. Each number represents a student’s attempt.
      Blind Mark one attempt
    • To grade multiple students/all students on one page for a question, change the dropdown menu to display more attempts.
      Question Attempts DropdownBlind Mark Multiple Attempts on One page
  7. For each question attempt, enter the earned points in the box below Score.
  8. Optional: Click Expand question feedback to type an explanation or custom feedback in the box provided.Expand Question Feedback for Blind MarkingQuestion Feedback for Blind Marking
  9. After grading a submission and giving feedback, either click Save and Continue to grade the next student attempt of the question (if you are viewing attempts one at a time for a question), or click Save to save current work and return back to the question list page. Note: Save is the only option if you are grading multiple attempts on one page.