Evaluate Submissions and Add Feedback in the Assignments Tool

The Evaluate Submission page within the Assignments tool enables you to evaluate and leave feedback on individual and group assignment submissions.

If you make evaluations directly on the Evaluate Submission page, you can publish evaluation feedback immediately, or save your feedback as a draft and release it at a later time. This enables you to revise and review evaluation feedback prior to publishing it, and then publish feedback in bulk. You also have the option to retract published feedback if you want to provide an update to past evaluations but only want learners to access your most recent feedback. You can also annotate students’ web and plain text file submissions with the HTML Editor and attach those annotations as part of feedback.

Watch how to evaluate submissions in Assignments tool

  1. On the nav bar, select the Activities menu, then click Assignments.
    Assignments on Nav Bar
  2. On the Assignments page, from the context menu of the folder you want to evaluate, click View Submissions.
    Assignments View Submissions
  3. On the Submissions page, click the Evaluate link for the submission or select the student’s name.
    Assignments Evaluate Submission
  4. To view the submission, select the filename.
    Assignments Evaluate First View
  5. The inline viewer will display the file, depending on the file type, or download the file. Learn which types of files can be viewed inline in Assignments. From this page, you can also:
  6. To evaluate the assignment, do one of the following:
    • Evaluate using an attached rubric: click the Assess All Rubrics icon or select the title of the rubric you wish to use to assess. Assignment rubrics open as pop-up windows, rather than as modal dialog windows, to improve the assessment experience. Learn more about Evaluating an Assignment Submission with a Rubric.
      Evaluate assignment with rubric
    • Add a Score for the submission, and any additional Feedback, including text, audio, or video files.
      Assignments Evaluate Score Feedback
  7. When your evaluation is complete, click Save Draft or Publish located on the bottom right of the screen.Note: if you choose Save Draft, you can publish all feedback for all students later from the View Submissions page. See Step 9 for more information.
  8. Click the right or left arrows to evaluate the next student’s submission, or click Back to Submissions to return to the Submissions page.Assignments Evaluate Next Student
  9. If you saved your evaluations as Draft, and are ready to publish feedback, from the Submissions page, check the box on the table header row to select students who you want to publish feedback for. Then click the link for Publish Feedback.
    Assignments Publish Feedback
  10. If you are publishing feedback for All Students you can click on the Publish All Feedback button for all students to receive the feedback at the same time.
    Publish All Feedback