Set Timing Options for a Quiz

The timing options offer instructors a lot of flexibility when conducting assessments online. Instructors can allow students from five minutes, all the way up to ten days, twelve hours, and fifty five minutes to take a quiz.

Instructors can choose between a Recommended Time Limit, or Enforced Time Limit, along with the number of minutes, and the option to show a clock. The timing settings will display for students when they first click to start the quiz. The countdown clock will start when the student first enters the quiz, and will continue to count down until time runs out, no matter what, even if the student is no longer online.

The Recommended Time Limit serves as a guide for students on when they should complete their quiz. There is no penalty for students who exceed the recommended time limit. The Enforced Time Limit will require you to also set a grace period. You must also choose from the list of late behaviour options to specify what penalty, if any, occurs when students exceed the time limit. If a quiz has an enforced time limit and the student uses more than the allotted time, the quiz is marked as ‘exceeded time limit’.

  1. On the navbar, click the Activities menu, then select Quizzes.
    Quizzes on the Nav Bar
  2. On the Manage Quizzes page, from the context menu of the quiz, click Edit.
    edit quiz
  3. Click on the Restrictions tab.
    Quiz restrictions tab
  4. In the Timing area, set your timing options for the quiz. Note: If you are using an Enforced Time Limit, you are required to set a Grace Period and choose an Exceeded Time Limit Behavior.
  5. Click Save and Close.
    Save and Close