About the Announcements Tool

Use the Announcements tool to communicate timely course-related information and updates, and alert students to changes, information, and resources. Since Announcements are the first thing that students often see when they log in or access their courses, Announcements provide an ideal central location for easy retrieval of course-related information within TCU Online. Announcements also provide a way to show ongoing instructor engagement, interaction, and communication with students.

Announcements will also display author information (name and timestamp) on new and edited announcements.

Users reading the announcement may see some or all of the following author information:

  • the original author
  • the original date and time of the announcement
  • the author who edited the announcement
  • the date and time of the edit

Create a Welcome announcement to introduce yourself and orient students to the course. Many students add/drop courses or may not be present on the first day of class. The Welcome announcement can complement your synchronous or F2F welcome. It can also serve as an overview that students can return to again if needed.

Instructor Tips & Best Practices for Announcements

Learn to Use the Announcements Tool