Delete and Restore Announcements

Watch how to Delete and Restore Announcements

Delete an Announcement from a Course Homepage


In the Announcements Widget, from the dropdown menu of the Announcements item you want to delete, click Delete.delete announcement

Delete an Announcement from the Announcements Tool

To delete multiple postings, click More Tools from the nav bar and select Announcements. From the list displayed, select the check boxes beside the announcement items you want to delete. Click Delete at the top of the list.

select announcement and delete

Restore an Announcement

  1. Click the dropdown menu beside the Announcements widget, and select Go to Announcements Tool.
    go to announcement tool
  2. On the Announcements page, from the More Actions button, click Restore.
    restore announcement
  3. On the Restore Announcements page, select the check box of the Announcements item or items you want to restore.
  4. Click Restore.
    restore announcement