ReadSpeaker Products

ReadSpeaker products are text-to-speech products that go beyond providing the oral presentation of the material.  They also provide highlighting of the words/sentences, page masking, a reading ruler, aid in proofing papers, ability to enlarge text, change fonts to Open Dyslexic font, change background/text colors, and more. ReadSpeaker audio can be listened to on or offline.

The ReadSpeaker products include:

  • docReader – Read documents within the Content tool of TCU Online
  • webReader – Read HTML Content, Assignment instructions, Quizzes, and Discussions in TCU Online,
  • TextAid – Read course material (announcements, discussions, quizzes, etc) outside of Content with ReadSpeaker TextAid. This tool can be accessed within a course by clicking the More Tools menu on the nav bar, then selecting TextAid. Users may also use the tool for non-TCU websites, as long as they first access the tool from TCU Online.

When reading content in TCU Online, ReadSpeaker will:

  • Use the TCU Online language settings to detect language; can read in different languages
  • Automatically and instantly reflect in the audio any changes when an instructor makes changes to course content.

Watch: ReadSpeaker Overview

What are the benefits of using ReadSpeaker?

  • Improve word recognition skills and vocabulary
  • Improve reading comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and concentration
  • Improve information recall and learning/memory enhancement
  • Increase motivation and more positive attitude with regard to reading
  • Increase reading self-confidence and perceived performance

ReadSpeaker Resources

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