Upon accessing the ReadSpeaker TextAid Reader tool via the Bookmark, the following tools will display.

Remember All users must first access TextAid from within TCU Online. The link to TextAid is found by first selecting a course in TCU Online you are enrolled into, then click the More Tools menu on the nav bar, then select TextAid. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, your account is created. Accessing TextAid from TCU Online will launch the ReadSpeaker TextAid application that displays in a full browser window.

Learn about the ReadSpeaker TextAid Tool and how to access it.

TextAid Bookmark Tools

Tool Name Tool Image Tool Description
Move Player The move player button has position arrows on it. Click on the move player button and drag the player to the position you want it on your page.
Close Player The close player button has an X on it. To close the player, click on the button with the “X.”
Language The language button has a globe on it. You can select your reading language from the choices in the drop down menu on the languages button.
Open in TextAid This button has a sheet of paper with a plus on it. To use this option, first select the text, and then click on the “Open in TextAid” button.  The web application service platform will open with the selected text in the “New Text” area of the platform.
Listen to Selected Text This button has the word listen on it. To listen to text on a web page using the bookmark, first select the text and then click on the listen button.
Expand the Player This button has an arrow pointing to the right. Click on the arrow to expand the player.  The expansion reveals the pause, stop, volume, and settings options.  It will also start playing the selected text.
Pause This button has two vertical lines on it. To pause the player, click on the pause button.
Stop This button has a red box on it. To stop the player, click on the stop button.
Volume The volume button has a speaker on it. To change the volume, click on the volume button.  A volume slide will appear and you can adjust the volume by moving the level on the slide.
Settings The settings button has a gear on it. Adjust the text highlighting, word color, sentence color, text color, enhanced text visibility, reading speed, and scrolling by clicking on settings and making the desired changes.
Close Player This button has two carrots pointing to the left on it. To close the player, click on the close player button.