Feedback Improvements – Within the Enter Grades area of the gradebook, the Grade All page for each gradebook item now includes a small preview of the feedback or indicates that feedback has not been entered. Additionally, note that the Grade All page has an Overall Feedback box at the top of the page, allowing you to make whole-class comments visible as feedback for every user in the class.

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HTML Editor

Advanced Image Editing – Image editing capabilities have been expanded in the HTML Editor in TCU Online. Users can edit images in place (including flipping, rotating, and adjusting brightness, sharpness, and color), edit the image description, and edit the size of the image.

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Intelligent Agents

Access Intelligent Agents from Class Progress – Intelligent agents are automated, personalized emails that you can configure to have TCU Online send to your students when they meet the criterion you have defined (scoring below a certain threshold on a grade item, viewing a certain content item, not logging in with the desired frequency, etc.). Now you can begin setting up your intelligent agents directly from the Class Progress page: look for the Use Agents to Automate Feedback link on the right-hand side of the page; The Intelligent Agents tool can also be accessed from Course Admin.

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Manage Dates

Setting due dates within the course shell helps students know when assignments or tasks should be completed. Dates set using the proper fields in TCU Online will automatically be added to the course Calendar and the Pulse notifications app. This helps students better manage their course workloads.

Manage Due Dates – Instructors can now edit due dates in the Manage Dates tool. Due Dates are available for Content topics, Assignments, and Quizzes. A Due Date filter is available under the advanced filtering option. Due dates can be edited on an individual basis, in bulk across multiple items, and through bulk offset.

Due Dates Available for Quizzes – To improve the consistency of dates across tools in TCU Online, due dates are now available for quizzes. This allows instructors to better communicate when quizzes are due and to better identify late quiz submissions. This change impacts when quizzes are marked as late: a quiz is now considered late if it is submitted after the due date is reached. Previously, late attempts were those submitted after the enforced time limit was exceeded on a given quiz. Quizzes submitted after the due date are now labeled “submitted late.” Quizzes submitted after the time limit has been reached are now labeled as “exceeded time limit.”

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Coming May 2018: Daylight

TCU Online will be getting a new look the weekend of May 12, 2018. An improved interface, called the Daylight Experience, will bring crisper, cleaner icons and fonts. The Daylight interface has a responsive design that allows the display to adapt to different screen sizes. This means that TCU Online will look great on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. An improved instructor and student experience will also feature new links to common resources as well as upgraded navigation bars. Most importantly, the new Daylight user interface won’t change your workflow or tool options.

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