Associate an Activity with a Grade Item

Within TCU Online, Activities such as Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes can be associated with grade items in the Grades tool. Activity association allows for grades to transfer from the activity to the gradebook. This association is made through the activity tool itself, not through the Grades tool.

Grades are transferred in only one direction: From the activity tool (e.g. Assignments) to the Grades tool. This means that if the score of an assignment submission is recorded in the Assignments tool, that score will automatically be recorded in the Grades tool under the associated grade item. If the score was recorded only in the Grades tool (manually via Enter Grades), no score would be recorded in the Assignments tool.

First, we recommend that you set up the Grades tool and create all the necessary grade items. For help setting up the Grades tool or creating grade items, see the Grades documentation and Recommended Grades Tool Settings.

From the Manage Grades tab within the Grades tool, we can see a list of categories and grade items. In the Association column, we can see that some grade items are associated with the corresponding activity, and some are not. Below are steps for associating Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes with their corresponding grade items.

Associate Grade Items to Activities

Learn how to Associate Grade items with: