Solution Spotlight: Assignment Solution for Hours Tracking – Suggestions for Instructors

The steps below are for setting up an Assignment for hours tracking. See the Solution Spotlight: Tracking Hours for Internships, Practicum or Projects page for more information about this solution.

  • For students who come in with hours, their first assignment submission should include proof of incoming hours and/or simply a submission that they are coming in with existing hours.  The instructor would assess that submission and document incoming hours with which the student entered the program.
  • For each new file/instance of documented hours, a new submission would be completed. Students should add the form as an attachment.
  • Recommend a uniform file naming convention for the students to follow.
    • Example: All files should be uploaded as LastNameDate.
  • Recommend requiring students to add a comment, listing the quantity of hours submitted so it displays for easy review later.
  • Instructors who approve the submissions should save their approved file with a clear naming convention.
    • Example: Approval files would have uniform file names, such as “OriginalFileName_Approved_InitialsDate”.
  • We highly recommend adding in feedback comments each time new hours are approved, indicating the original file name, date approved, and quantity of hours. This is to protect against potential data loss / user error since the running total will be manually calculated for every new submission.
  • When grading, go to Activities>Assignments, then select the folder.  In the Search Options, select “Users with submissions”, then check the box for “Only show users with unread submissions.”  Click the magnifying glass to update the display. You can also select to show only those without Feedback. This will help showing only those that were not graded.

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