Enable Respondus Monitor

Note: In order to enable Respondus Monitor you will be required to use Respondus LockDown Browser. If you have not already done so, please see how to enabled Respondus LockDown Browser.

    1. After enabling Respondus LockDown Browser select to “Require Respondus Monitor for this exam.”
    2. Click on the button Continue to Respondus Monitor.
    3. Select which “Startup Sequence” Items you want to enable. These will be the steps that the student must complete before being allowed to access the exam.

      1. Webcam Check – this ensures that the webcam and bandwidth meets Respondus’ requirements.
      2. Additional Instructions – this has general information for the students about expected behavior during the quiz, you may add additional information specific to your course by clicking the Edit text link.
      3. Guidelines + Tips – this section provides students with general tips to ensure that their quiz session with Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor is successful.
      4. Student Photo – this will require students to take a photo of themselves as a method of authentication that the correct student is taking the assessment.
      5. Show ID – this will require the student to also take a picture of their student ID or another form of ID as another method of authentication that the student who is pictured matches the ID.
      6. Environmental Check – this will require the student to move their webcam around their environment to show that their environment is secure for assessment and free of prohibited items or resources.
      7. Facial Detection Check – this will ensure that Respondus’ Facial Detection is able to operate properly in the assessment environment.
    4. Facial Detection Options

      1. Prevent students from starting the exam if face cannot be detected during the Startup Sequence.- Recommended to ensure all of the capabilities of Respondus Monitor are available to the instructor to review and ensure test integrity.
      2. Notify students during the exam if face cannot be detected (prompt for a fix) – Recommended to allow the student to fix a problem before to prevent erroneous flagging.
    5. Advanced Settings

      1. Allow another application to use the microphone during this exam. – may be necessary if students are using assistive technology to complete their exam.
      2. Make webcam videos additionally available for viewing on mobile devices (allow 24 hours). – check if you would like to view student videos from your mobile device.
      3. Make a demo student username for use by instructor- enter a username of a demo student to test respondus monitor features, once used this username cannot be changed.
    6. Click on the Save + Close button.


Continuing with Respondus Monitor