Enable Respondus LockDown Browser

Watch: Preparing a Quiz for Use with LockDown Browser – Here you’ll learn how to prepare a quiz so it requires students to use LockDown Browser.

Note: Before Respondus LockDown Browser can be enabled, your assessment must already be built in the Quizzes tool TCU Online.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR SAFARI USERS: Safari browser, by default, doesn’t allow cookies to be shared across domains, but that’s needed for the integration used by Respondus to work. Safari does provide the ability to enable this, which is done by clicking Safari > Preferences > Privacy and unchecking the box for “Prevent cross-site tracking”. By doing so, Respondus should load properly on Safari.

    1. On the navbar, click the Activities menu, then select Quizzes.
      Quizzes on the Nav Bar
    2. Click on the LockDown Browser tab.
      Quizzes lockdown browser
  1. Watch the video and explore any additional information on LockDown you wish to see. Note: If you do not want to see these resources in the future check the box to Don’t show this page again before you Continue to Lockdown Browser. Once you are done click the Continue to LockDown Browser button located at the bottom right.
    lockdown browser video
  2. Click on the down arrow next to the quiz you want to enable LockDown Browser with, and select Settings.
    quiz settings for lockdown browser
  3. On the Settings page select the radio button to Require Respondus Lockdown Browser for this exam.
    Require Lockdown Browser
  4. Once enabled, additional settings will become available. You can optionally check the box to Require Respondus LockDown Browser to view feedback results and enter a Password to access exam. (Entering a password is not available for test takers using a Chromebook)
    Respondus Settings
  5. Advanced Settings are available as well, that will allow you to further control what the students have access to during the exam. Options include:
    • Lock Students into the Browser until the exam is completed
    • Allow student to take this exam with an iPad (Recommended)
    • Allow access to specific external web domains (Not available for test takers using a Chromebook)
    • Enable Calculator on the toolbar (Not available for test takers using a Chromebook)
    • Enable Printing from the toolbar
      Respondus Advanced Settings
  6. Once you have adjusted the settings, click Save + Close.
    Quiz Respondus Save + Cose
  7. On the LockDown Browser tab you will be able to see which quizzes require LockDown Browser.
    Quiz LockDown Browser Status
  8. Click on the Manage Quizzes tab.
    Manage Quizzes
  9. The Manage Quizzes page will also list quizzes requiring Respondus LockDown Browser.
    Quiz Manage Quizzes Respondus Status


Continuing with Respondus Monitor

Instructors who have enable Respondus LockDown Browser can add Monitor to their quizzes. Visit our Enable Respondus Monitor page for steps to enable Monitor on a quiz. Visit our Review Respondus Monitor Recordings page to see Respondus Monitor results.