About Forms

Form templates are pages created by an institution, department, course designer, or instructor that collect information from users. When you create a form template, you specify what fields it includes, what type of information each field collects, and whether a field is required. Users can fill out a form template multiple times and they can allow others to comment on or evaluate their entries.

When users fill out a form template, a form response is added as an artifact in their Brightspace ePortfolio. They can then share, edit, or add the form response to collections, presentations, or learning objectives. Form responses can also be submitted to an assignment.

Note: Form templates are not course-specific. When you share a form template with individuals in your course, they can use it in other courses and repurpose it as desired.

There are two areas to complete when creating a form template: form template details and form template content. The details area contains the name and description of the form template and which courses have access to it. The content area contains the actual fields users fill out. The content area of a form template can contain two types of fields: system fields and custom fields.

System fields automatically populate with data from a user’s profile. Some typical system fields include First Name, Last Name, and Email.

Custom fields allow users to fill in content. You define what type of information users enter in a custom field and whether it is required.