Monthly Archives: October 2019

Winter Intersession & Spring 2020 Courses are Ready in TCU Online

All Winter Intersession & Spring 2020 courses with faculty assigned in class search are now available in TCU Online. TCU Online will continue to update every 24 hours to reflect any new courses or new assignments from the Registrar. If you plan to use TCU Online for the Winter Intersession & Spring 2020, please login and complete the… Read more »

Platform Updates to TCU Online from Q3 2019 (July-September)

Assignments Edit Category Improvements An Edit Categories option is now available in the Assignments tool. This allows instructors to edit all assignment categories on a single page. Instructors can add, modify, delete, and sort categories as well as manage unused categories. If a category containing assignments is deleted, those assignments are added to the No… Read more »