About Self-Enrollment Groups

Self-enrollment allows students to enroll in groups on their own. Use this option when you want students to choose their own group members or to be a part of a group on a topic that interests them.

Students can self-enroll in groups by clicking the Choose Group link beside the name of a group category set up for self-enrollment. A link displays at the top of the student’s Groups page when self-enrollment is available. Group members can see the description of their group. For self-enrolled groups, group members will now see the group description at all times, including before and after enrollment.

If a group is full, the Members column displays the total number of group members in red with “(Full)” beside it. If a student wants to leave a group that they self-enrolled in before the date specified by the Set Self Enrollment Expiry Date option (if selected), on the My Groups page, students can click Leave Group if the option is configured.

Clicking the capacity marker or the total listed in the Members column opens the Group Members pop-up, which contains a list of current group members. You cannot click empty groups.

To setup your self-enrollment groups, follow the steps on the Create a Group Category and Group Workspaces page, and select one of the following self-enrollment group types:

  • Groups of # – Self Enrollment
  • # of Groups – Self Enrollment
  • # of Groups, Capacity of # – Self Enrollment

Information for your students

Share the how-to steps for Self-Enroll in a Group to your students.