Set Panopto Quiz Content Topic Properties

  1. Click the context menu next to the quiz content topic title, then se and select Edit Properties In-place.
    Panopto Quiz Edit Properties
  2. Do any of the following:
    • Edit the title: Click the content topic title to edit it. Click enter/return on your keyboard to save the updated title.
      Panopto Quiz Properties in place title
    • Make Visible/Hide: Click the eyeball icon to the right of the title to change the visibility of the content topic. After clicking, there will be a toggle to make visible or hide the content topic.
      Panopto Quiz Properties in place visibility
    • Optional: Make Required. Click the two — to select if you would like the content topic Completion Tracking.
      Panopto Quiz Properties in place required
      Options include: Required: Automatic, Required: Manual, or Not Required.
      Content Topic Requirement Options
    • IMPORTANT: Do not check the box for Open as External Resource so user progress can be tracked.
      Panopto Quiz Properties in place external
    • Add dates and restrictions: Click Add dates and restrictions to set the availability or due dates to video item in the content module.
      Panopto Quiz Properties in place dates and restrictionsContent Property Options

      • To add a start date, click Add start date. Enter your start date details.
      • To add a due date, click Add due date. Enter your due date details.
      • To add an end date, click Add end date. Enter your end date details.
      • Optional: Add release conditions: Learn more about setting Release conditions.
        Optional: Manage Exemptions. Learn more about Exempting Students from Content Items.
    • Add a description: ​​​​​​Click Add a description to open the text editor to add or edit a description.
      Panopto Quiz Properties in place description
  3. Click Update to save your changes to the description. The description will display within the module on the Table of Contents.