Panopto Capture

Panopto Capture is a web-based recorder that allows users to easily record audio, video, and other media from within a web browser. Users do not have to download any software: they can simply log into TCU’s Panopto site, launch Panopto Capture, record, and then close the window to go back to the Panopto site to edit, publish, or share their video.

Panopto Capture Web RecorderPanopto Desktop Recorder

  • Record anywhere with web access - no downloading or updating

  • Videos are recorded directly to your Panopto Account

  • Utilize various audio and video sources

  • Record your screen or PowerPoint slides

  • Ability to turn webcam on and off during recording

  • Can record without internet access and upload the file to you Panopto account later

  • Ability to individually adjust audio and video settings

  • Capture multiple audio and video sources simultaneously

  • Capture PowerPoint slides and make them navigable within the video

How to use Panopto Capture

1. Use your TCU network account to log into your Panopto account at

TCU Login Screenshot

2. Click on the Create button and select Panopto Capture.

Panopto Capture Menu Selection

3. Click on the Microphone icon to select your audio source.


4. Click on the Camera icon to select your video source.

Screenshot Screenshot

5. Click on the Screen icon to select which screen or program to share.

      1. Screens
      2. Applications
      3. Browser tabs

6. Click on the Settings cog to adjust additional settings.


  1. Count down

  2. Capture HD

  3. Stream settings

  1. Ultra HD

  2. Smart Camera


7. Click Record to create your video.

8. Click on Stop to finish your recording.

9. Adjust settings as needed and record again or close your browser when the status indicator in the upper left indicates it is safe to do so.

  1. Redo (to delete the recording and re-record)

  2. Record New (to save the recording and record another video)

  3. Name of video

  4. Folder location of video (use dropdown menu to adjust if needed)

  5. Description

  1. Editor: see Edit Panopto Videos and Import Automatic Captions

  2. View (to play the video)

  3. Manage Access (to share the video)

  4. Send