Evaluate a Grade Item with a Rubric

In order to evaluate a grade item with a rubric, first follow the steps to Add a Rubric to Grade Items.

  1. On the nav bar, click the Assessment menu, then select Grades.
    Grades on Nav Bar
  2. Select Enter Grades.
  3. Click the context arrow to the right of the desired grade item and select Grade All. This will allow you to enter the grades for this particular grade item for all students.
    Select Grade All
  4. From this page, open the rubric by clicking the Rubric icon in the Assessment column for a particular student.
    Assess Grade Rubric
  5. A pop-up window will display the Rubric. Click the text for each level the student achieved for each criterion on your rubric. As you select levels for each criterion, the rubric will automatically update the overall score.
    Grade Item Rubric
  6. Optional: Click the feedback field to add feedback for the criterion.Grade Item Rubric Feedback
  7. Click Save and Record.
    Note: If a rubric is only partially scored, and Publish or Save as Draft is selected, a confirmation message will display prompting instructors to either continue grading, or publish anyway.
    Partial rubric evaluation confirmation
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 for the remaining students.

If you wish to enter scores and leave grade item feedback, see Enter Grades for a Single Grade Item for All Students, Sort and Preview Feedback, and Leave Feedback in Bulk.