Create a Bonus (Extra Credit) Grade Item

Bonus grade items can be thought of as optional, extra credit items. Bonus grade items are not included in the denominator of maximum points for a category or final grade calculation. They are added only to the numerator of the category or final grade calculation. Bonus grade items can only help students’ grades, and students are not penalized if they do not attempt a bonus grade item.

Since bonus grades are only added to categories or final grade calculations after all other calculations, bonus grade items do not display to students with the grade scheme information like other grade items, regardless of the display options selected. Students can view the points and weight display options for a bonus grade, but no other grade scheme information, as the actual weight or points of the bonus grade item are independent from the rest of the grade scheme.

NOTE: Bonus grade items will not apply to the final grade calculation unless the Can Exceed option is selected for the final grade calculation (either Calculated Final Grade or Adjusted Final Grade).

You can create the following types of Bonus grade items: